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Ultimate Source Killer Instinct 6 Inch Figure Hisako

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  • - 6 points of articulation includes head, shoulders, elbows, left (non weapon) hand - Hisako comes with two weapons and a second interchangeable scream head - Hisako's pose allows her to be placed in two ways on her base, both giving her a completely different look. Facing the candles on the base gives her a more upright position, while facing away from them gives Hisako her more traditional hunched over stance.

What makes the Killer Instinct figures so special is the high level of precision detail. Each sculpt is based on the real, in-game, 3-D models. For additional detail, each figure features hand-painted weapons and accessories, custom articulation, and a base themed to a unique in-game fighting environment. Each Ultimate Source Kilelr Instinct figure also includes a Microsoft redemption code to unlock an EXCLUSIVE tenth color for use in game.

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