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Sour Punch Blue Raspberry Sour Bites 5oz (Pack of 12)

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  • With about 3 servings in each 5-ounce bag, these Blue Raspberry flavored Sour Punch Bites are the perfect sized candy pack for the office or on the go.
  • Grab a bag of these soft and chewy candy bites bursting with blue raspberry flavor for a stimulating sweet & sour experience that packs a power punch!
  • Enjoy a pack of these bite-sized, mouthwatering treats as the perfect pairing with salty snacks on movie night with family and friends or indulge on your own for a midday mood-boosting snack.
  • Treat yourself any time with these low fat, low sodium, kosher certified candies.

Family-owned and operated since 1914, the American Licorice Company proudly
manufactures one of the first brands to enter the sour candy market in the
'90s: Sour Punchcandy. Taste the power of sour with mouthwatering, sweet and
sour chewy candy that can really pack a punch! With our signature sour sugar
coating and fruit flavors, Sour Punch candy is sure to satisfy sweet and sour
cravings with every bite. With a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and
flavors, Sour Punch is for everyone. Be bright, be bold, be who you are:
Embrace Your PunchBy purchasing Sour Punch products, you are also helping us
contribute to the greater good candy with a conscience. American Licorice
Company is committed to improving our manufacturing processes to reduce
environmental impact by tracking greenhouse gas emissions from our two U.S
facilities. We purchase carbon offsets for greenhouse gas emissions as well as
invest in Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Energy Certificates that are
sourced from wind energy facilities in the lower 48 states.We also invest in a
brighter future for our local communities. American Licorice Company employees
contributed over 2,000 hours of volunteer service last year and donated more
than 20,000 backpacks full of school supplies over the last six years through
our partnership with the Kids in Need Foundation.Let's punch it up together
and ensure a brighter, bolder, better future when you purchase any of our
delightful Sour Punch snacks. Check out the classic Sour Punch Straws in
Strawberry, Apple, Blue Raspberry, Cherry or Watermelon. Check out new
favorites like our Sour Punch Bites in Tropical Blends or Ragin' Reds. You can
even electrify your taste buds with the bulk flavor assortment found in a tub
of individually wrapped Sour Punch Twists. Whatever fits you: Embrace Your

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