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Skin Bracer by Mennen Afta After Shave-7 oz, 2 pk

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Get RefreshedSkin Bracer By Mennen Afta After Shave calms and soothes skin
irritation after shaving. The antiseptic element prevents infections due to
minor cuts and wounds. It tightens pores of your skin and makes it look
naturally glowing and healthy. Your skin spreads an attractive masculine scent
after each shave.Masculine scentRefreshing and soothingMakes skin look glowing
This after-shave contains moisturizer that makes your skin soft and smooth.
Start your day with the refreshing and relieving sensation of Skin Bracer By
Mennen Afta After Shave. Just For You: All skin typesA Closer Look: Skin
Bracer By Mennen Afta After Shave leaves a soothing and relaxing sensation on
your skin when applied after each shave. It moisturizes dry skin and makes it
look healthy and glowing. It's especially formulated to relieve skin
irritation. The rejuvenating lotion spreads a masculine scent.Get Started:
Apply on your face after each shave.

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