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Kotobukiya MarvelUniverseXMen'92Wolverine&JubileeTwoPack

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  • At 1/10 scale, these new figures perfectly embody the essence of the ARTFX+ series as cost-effective, spaceeffective collectibles.
  • . The statues thorough design and bold paint colors give it a vintage feel, and Wolverine looks like he jumped straight out of the XMEN animated series.
  • Wolverine and Jubilees simples designs provide the opmal balance of quality and value, especially as a twopack.

televisionseries, TheGifted,andtheupcomingNewMutantsfilm.Now,
Kotobukiyapresentsanostalgic renditionofoneofthemostbelovedXMEN,
Wolverine!BasedontheanimatedTVseries fromtheXMENgoldenage,
Wolverinesclassicblueandyellowcostumeisrecreatedin stunningdetail,

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