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Bundle - 3 Items: Cattlemen's Carolina Gold, Mississippi Honey, and Kansas City Classic (1 Each)

  • 1991

  • 1 - 18 oz Carolina Tangy Gold
  • 1 - 18 oz Mississippi Honey BBQ
  • 1 - 18 oz Kansas City Classic BBQ
  • 3 of the MOST POPULAR Cattlemen's BBQ Flavors!
  • Delicious as a Marinade , Dip, or Glaze

Not one, not two, but THREE of the MOST POPULAR Cattlemen's BBQ flavors in
this Southern Regional BBQ Pack. First, Carolina Tangy Gold: The Carolinas'
signature mustard based BBQ flavor! You haven't had Carolina BBQ until you've
had Carolina Tangy Gold! Next, Mississippi Honey BBQ: All BBQ with a sweet
honey follow that sticks to your dish as much as it sticks to your palate.
Delicious! Last, but not least, from the heart of Southern BBQ country, Kansas
City Classic: Sweet, smoky, and just the right amount of bite, this sauce is
just right! Try all three.

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