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Airheads Taffy Candy Bars, Green Apple, 0.55 Oz /15.6 G (Pack of 72)

  • 2499

  • Pack of 72 taffy candies, Each 0.55 oz, Green Apple flavor
  • AirHeads are a chewy taffy-like confection that kids love to pull, squish and mold into crazy shapes before they bite into it.
  • AirHeads are tasty and playful treats that come in a variety of fruity flavors both sweet and sour.
  • Recognized by their boldly colored wrappers that hint at the intense flavor contained inside.
  • AirHeads remain a candy aisle favorite for their taste singularity and simple, have-to-it design.

If you enjoy taffy but want a unique flavor not often found in traditional fruit candies, you can turn to the Airheads Apple flavored candy. This fun taffy is individually packaged in the perfect serving size, making it enjoyable to consume.

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