Terms and Conditions

Purchase price for your order is charged to your credit card upon shipment from our warehouse.  Please ensure that tote security tape is in tact prior to accepting your order at your pick-up store.  Any discrepancies in your order must be reported to service@MyQuickMart.com within 7 days of purchase.  All items are guaranteed to have a minimum of 30 days shelf life, with the exception of 1/2 price Super Specials.  All Super Specials are sold as is and are non-refundable. In the event you have a return, bring your bagged item(s) in new unopened condition to your pick-up location with a copy of your order receipt.  Our driver will pick up your return and credit will be issued within 72 hours of receipt at our warehouse.  All returns must be made within 30 days of purchase.  MyQuickMart.com reserves the right to ship partial orders and refund your charge card for any unfilled items in the infrequent occurrence of a warehouse inventory discrepancy.  MyQuickMart.com reserves the right to cancel orders and/or suspend customer accounts for suspected fraudulent activity.