Frequently Asked Questions

When can I pick up my order?
Orders that you place are available for pick up at the partner store of your choice by 6:00 p.m. the day after you place your order (excluding Sundays). 

What does it cost to have an order delivered to the partner store I've chosen?
There are no delivery charges for orders $20 or over, otherwise there is a $1.99 fee. There is also a $2 each refundable deposit if you choose to take the cardboard tote in which your bags of merchandise are delivered to the store. 

There is an item I really want, but I don't see it offered on the website.
If you don't see an item for sale on the website, there is a good chance we can get it for you, or we already have something comparable. Feel free to contact us at with your suggestions and we will do our best to keep you satisfied. 

How do I know my groceries aren't tampered with?
When your groceries are picked and packed in our warehouse, they are put in biodegradable bags and placed in sealed reusable cardboard totes. The totes are not opened until you arrive to pick up your order. The tote will be opened for you. 

Where are my groceries? 
Your groceries are available for pickup at your local partner store by 6:00 p.m the day after you place your order (excluding Sundays). If you feel like there has been a mistake, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Can I get my groceries delivered to my house?
Currently we don't have a home-delivery service available. 

My favorite convenience/local food store isn't listed here.
If you have a location that you would love to see as a MyQuickMart partner store, contact us at and we will look for a way to make your shopping experience with MyQuickMart the most convenient. 

What is your return policy?
To return an item, please send us an email notification and bring your new conditionunopened items to the partner store where you picked them up within 30 days, then we can issue you a full refund.

Why is the price not showing on some products? 
Sometimes the items we carry are the same as the partner store's items. In order to support local business those items may only be purchased in the partner store. 

I own/manage a convenience store or a local food shop. How do I become a partner?
To set up an in-store meeting with one of our MyQuickMart representatives to discuss how providing this service can greatly enhance what you offer your customers, call Lex Popko at 978-833-3161.

How far away from my pick-up date can I order my groceries?
You can schedule your pick-up date up to one week in advance (except Sundays).

Do you sell perishables or other fresh foods?
Currently we don't not sell anything that is not shelf stable, or has an extended shelf life. However, your local MyQuickMart partner likely offers a variety of fresh essentials. 

What about bulk ordering?
Currently there is no way to bulk-order.

Can I order in other states or internationally? 
Currently we only partner with stores in New England, but are always expanding. Please contact us at for details on special orders. 

I make/sell an item and am living in New England. Would you be willing to offer it on MyQuickMart?
We are always looking to stock our website with items that customers can not easily obtain locally. Contact us at to find out how to become a MyQuickMart partner, or to have your items offered through us.